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Salento is a strip of land inserted between two wonderful seas such as the Ionian (to the West) and the Adriatic (to the East), offering over 200 km of coastline, sometimes low and sandy, sometimes high and rocky.

The main aspect of Salento is the naturalistic one, with a wide variety of different species of plants and flowers typical of the Mediterranean scrub.

Salento is a land rich in history, traditions, made up of natural beauties e architettoniche, the hospitality of its people, its magical atmosphere, the many wonders to discover, its warm sun, its sky blue, its clear sea, its dream beaches are all its strengths.

For gourmets to remember that:

La cucina Salentina simple and poor is full of flavors, uses as ingredients the products offered by the earth. It is the typical Mediterranean one that enriched with the aromas, flavors of the sea and the earth, including dishes with delicate, but sometimes intense tastes, all to be savored and discovered ...

City to visit within 60km

Lecce, Galatone, Nardò, Portoselvaggio, Lido Conchiglie, Porto Cesareo, Copertino, Gallipoli, Ugento, Santa Maria di Leuca, Otranto, Alimini lakes, Torre dell'orso, Santa Foca, Santa Cesarea Terme, Castro, all charming villages full of history, definitely worth visiting and not to be missed.

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