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The magnificent karst cave, discovered more than 150 years ago and open to the public since the 1950s, owes its name to the dialect word "zinzuli", to underline how the numerous stalactites and stalagmites recall the shreds of a worn-out dress. One hundred and sixty meters to be amazed and be guided by the emotion of discovering a real work of art of nature.

The cave is spread over three parts. The first, immediately after the entrance, is the so-called Conca, a cave with an elliptical base that opens onto the Corridor of Wonders. Here the walls are embellished and decorated with stalammites and stalagmites which, with their particular shapes, bring to mind some objects and remember them in their name: Sword of Damocles, Pulpit, Prosciutto ...

The Zinzulusa cave can be reached on foot from the center of Castro Marina (Lecce) or by sea with a boat departing from the port of Castro Marina.

The cave is open all year round and visits are guided according to a seasonal schedule.

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